Hi! My name is Jasmine, aspiring writer and photographer.

This blog is almost a year in the making. I’ve been thinking of making one ever since I realized I wanted to write and I think this is the right time to start.

I quit my job in the corporate world 6 months ago because I was not happy anymore. I know deep in my heart that working in the corporate world is not for me. It’s not something I want to do in the long term. You might be thinking that maybe this is just a phase or a quarter life crisis but I know it isn’t. It was really a very hard decision because I know I have a great future if I stayed. There were a lot of tears for more than a year because I was at a crossroads and I cannot decide what I wanted to do.

So now I’m here, blogging. At least I’m trying to.. I am currently trying out photography (IG:wanderjasmine) and travelling when I have time. I don’t suggest you do what I did. Don’t quit your job unless you have a plan or a goal. If you guys are in the same situation as me 6 months ago, think about what you want, your passion. What makes you happy?

I am still currently figuring out myself and I hope through this blog, I will get the chance to share my thoughts on the things I’m interested in, travelling, food, photography, korean dramas, music, books. Anything under the sun..