200 Peso Challenge at Container Turf

There’s a new food park in the South and I’m so lucky it’s just a few minutes from our home, Container Turf at BF Aguirre. My friends visited the turf during its dry-run and they loved the place so we decided to check it out!

Container Turf captured what it feels like living in the South. It’s a perfect place for friends to hang-out and get together. We saw some people whom we haven’t seen in a while hanging out there as well. The place doesn’t feel crowded even if the place is full and there’s a steady flow of people. The aesthetics inside was well thought of which we really appreciated because it brought life to the interior. There were enough lights to make the place bright and lively. You wouldn’t even notice the time while inside because the place has a life of its own. Whether you want a food trip with your friends or you want to catch-up over drinks, Container Turf is for you.


For our foodtrip, we initially decided to have a 100 peso budget for appetizer, main course and dessert. It’s our practice to pool our money first prior to buying anything so we can easily budget our money. You can also try this with your friends!


Here’s how it turned out 🙂

For appetizer, we ordered the fries with cheese and bacon toppings from Surfries – P150


The cheese topping for the fries is delicious. It’s good for nachos! There were a lot of toppings but it’s more than what the fries could handle so the fries became a little bit soggy. If the fries were a little bit crispier, it would be better.

For our main course, we got rice in a box from Wok Your Way – P100


We ordered the Jasmine Rice plus chicken with Japan Sauce. It was delicious! I swear! We loved it! You should try it because the portion is generous and it’s yummy. Malasa siya guys!

For our drinks, we had one fish bowl of raspberry juice from Swig and Guzzle – P180


If you’re with a group, it would be better if you order the fishbowl rather than per glass because it’s cheaper. 4 of us shared on one fishbowl drink.

We went over our budget by 30 pesos and nabitin kami so we added another 100 that’s why it became a 200-peso challenge. haha! Actually, we were not that hungry but we still wanted to eat so we bought additional food.

Additional orders:

We ordered another Wok Your Way – P115

So now you know how much we loved it! Instead of Japan sauce, we tried the Indonesian Sauce with Chicken and Fried egg add-on. It tastes the same for us, it’s just that there’s a spicy kick for the Indonesian sauce.

For dessert, we ordered a cookie skillet from Conehead – P180


The food might not look appetizing because of its presentation but it’s actually really good. If you’re going to eat a cookie skillet, the cookie dough must not be overcooked. The cookie was actually perfect! It’s soft and chewy and chocolatey! Our add-on is crushed graham and torched marshmallows. Yuuuum!

We had a full course meal for P725 for four people. Take note, we were so full after eating all those food! We can’t wait to go back to try the other choices because there’s so many!

Visit Container Turf at Aguirre Avenue BF Homes, Paranaque 🙂


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