Meeting Mr. Marsh and the Vlog Squad

I love photography and travelling so when my friend showed me the ad for the “Capture the Adventure: A Travel Video Workshop”, I got excited because I was planning to make videos of my travels in the future too. I was one of the lucky few who were able to join the workshop, sponsored by Fujifilm and Henry’s Camera, of Zander Servando and Daniel Marsh last June 24.

It was a bonus that one of the speakers is Daniel Marsh. To be honest, I am a HUGE fan and he’s one of the factors why I registered immediately. So I knew Daniel through Wil’s Vlogs, I checked his youtube page and after watching his videos, I instantly became a fan. He puts a lot of effort on his editing and he’s more on the artsy side so I really wanted to get some tips on how he does things. One of my favorite videos of his is the “My Life in the Philippines-I have something to share” video which he also showed to the class. That video is kind of special to me because I watched it when I was at a crossroads in my life, I actually didn’t know what I was going to do because I decided to #DGAF and change my career. It’s one of those videos that made me realize to just go for it, pursue my passion and do what I love. No regrets.

The first part of the workshop is Aerial Photography. I really learned a lot of from this lecture and it made want to buy a drone, though I don’t have budget for it right now. The class was really informative and technical which I appreciated because it really gave us an idea on what skills we need to have to be successful in Aerial Photography.

Next is Daniel’s session about making travel videos. He introduced himself first to the class and even through his introduction, you would know that he’s really passionate about what he does. I was really awestruck. He told us about four important things, gear, ideas, shoot and editing. Gear is important to some extent because the better the gear, the better quality of your output. But of course, you should also invest on your skills. If you don’t know how to operate your gear, then how are you going to maximize it? Next is ideas. According to Daniel, before he shoots, he already has vision on his mind on how his video would look like which I realized is very important. You would know what to shoot because you already have that idea in mind. The third point is shoot. Of course, the only way you would learn is to shoot. Go out and shoot and shoot as many clips as you can. Last is editing. This is the tricky part because I am a noob in editing that’s why I need to practice more. I’m so happy he showed us a little bit of his technique on how he edits. He showed us clips and he would then explain what he did in order to arrive on that final cut. It’s very useful and I really hope he does another class solely for editing because you would definitely learn a lot from him. Please, Daniel. I hope you give a class on editing. Anyway, he gave us tips on transitions as well and other stuff that we should check out if we want to learn more.



He ended the class with some words of wisdom which I wrote on my phone (this is not verbatim):

“When you’re passionate about something, you will naturally get better at it.”

“You have a powerful gear on your hands. Make videos to inspire people, make your contents positive and make an impact on other people’s lives through your videos.”

By the end of the class, I was so inspired to work hard to be able to be good at what I love. Daniel keeps on saying that being able to touch even one person’s life through your content is already an achievement. It’s either people will like what you do or they won’t so just do what you want and be yourself.

I did not waste the opportunity to take a photo with him after the class because I don’t know when I would be able to get the chance to see him again. I had a lot of questions prepared in my head but I wasn’t able to ask any because my mind turned blank. So after I took a photo, I asked him how did he learn about all these things and he said that he only did self-studying. If he can do it, I can do it too! Help me!

Haggard face, mainit sa venue. Haha!

I did not expect him to be that accommodating and nice. He’s so nice to everyone and he’s so encouraging. If you have the guts to talk to him, he would definitely talk to you. If you admire him because of his talent, you’re not wasting your time. He’s so awesome!

The next day, I was at BGC with my friends because we had a photography session and a photowalk. I was not checking Instagram so I didn’t know the Vlog Squad is going to be there. After our photowalk, we were so sweating and tired already because it was so hot, we heard a loud voice and a small crowd of people was forming at High Street. We checked it out and I saw Wil. It was an “OMG” moment. I can’t believe it! I thought it was only Wil and Jako but then I saw Baninay  and Daniel as well. I asked Daniel if I could take a picture with him again. I told him I was in his class yesterday and I’m not sure if he really remembered but he said he did. He was telling me that he’s going to take an IG story but he let my friend take a photo of us first and after that he got his phone out and he took a video for his instagram. We did it twice because the first one failed and tadaaaa! I saw myself on Wil’s IG story and Daniel’s after a few hours. It was so funny! My friends who know the Vlog Squad kept sending me screenshots of the stories with my face. I was so excited and happy at that time, I didn’t care anymore. Wil has so much energy I don’t know where it’s coming from anymore. He’s so spontaneous in front of the camera. I have so much respect because vlogging is hard! When I watch their vlogs and see them interacting with the fans, I wonder if it just happens for a few seconds for the sake of the videos but noooo, they try their best to really speak to the people who recognize them. I feel like I’m watching a vlog happening in real life because Baninay, Wil and Daniel were vlogging at the same time. It was chaos! They were running around taking videos of all the people. Special thanks to my friends who supported and waited for me while I fangirl over the Vlog Squad. Haha! I actually wondered when will I be able to see them in person and I think I was just lucky to be at the right place at the right time that day. I hope I also meet Haley in the future though and of course, the whole vlog squad again!

Half day na babad sa araw. lol!
Waaaaaaah! Can’t believe this happened. hahaha! #VLOGSQUAD

So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading my experience meeting Mr. Marsh and the #VlogSquad! Till next time 🙂

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