Mama Lou’s Surprise Experience

I really love Italian food and Mama Lou’s is one of my favorite Italian restaurants. One night, me and my friends went to Evia at Daang Hari to catch-up and eat. The choices were limited so we ended up at Mama Lou’s.

My friends 🙂

We ordered Mushroom Chicharon, Vesuvio and Pizza Bianca. The Mushroom Chicha and Pizza Bianca arrived as expected based on their usual serving time. This is the first time that I tried their Mushroom Chicharon and it was delicious. It’s a good appetizer. Pizza Bianca is one of my favorite pizzas at Mama Lou’s and as usual, it did not disappoint.

Pizza Bianca ❤

I think an hour has passed since we ordered and there’s still no Vesuvio on sight. We followed up our order because we’re almost finished with our food. After a while, the waiter or the manager told us that they forgot about the Vesuvio. We did not complain because we’re having fun talking and joking around because of the late food. We’re also busy taking photos because we’re trying out our cameras.

After a while, the manager gave us free cake. Tadaaaa! It’s a slice of Tiramisu. We were really surprised that they gave us the cake because we’re actually not complaining or asking for anything. We were impressed that they were attentive enough to think that we might be hungry or irritated because we have been waiting for so long.

Free Tiramisu

And then the Vesuvio arrived and it was GLORIOUS! Anything with cheese on top is love for me. One of the best! I would definitely come back for their Vesuvio.

Hungry yet?

The freebies did not stop with the tiramisu though. After finishing the Vesuvio, we were given ice cream! By this time, it became awkward for us to receive it because they didn’t really have to do it. Of course, we still ate it. It’s free!

I swear, I will never forget that experience. To be honest, we were actually thinking if they thought we were bloggers because we look like we’re shooting for a website because of how we took photos that night. But still, they went the extra mile to make sure that their customers are satisfied and happy. We didn’t even need to ask for it, it’s just how they are.

It made me love Mama Lou’s even more!

Artboard 1Jasmine


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