Malaysia Weekend: Kuala Lumpur and Melaka

I really love to travel. Whenever I have the budget and the time to spare to have a vacation, I always go for it. Last March, I went to Malaysia together with my previous officemates to visit a friend who’s currently staying at Kuala Lumpur. I bought my ticket from Cebu Pac two weeks prior for almost 6K. Since we will be staying at my friend’s place, I don’t have anything to spend for accommodation. Yay!

Our flight was Friday night, after office hours. As expected, our flight was delayed for an hour. We arrived at my friend’s place at KL around 3am already. It was so tiring.

Day 1

Basically, we have no sleep but we have to push. We got an uber to go to Putrajaya to visit the Putra Mosque (Pink Mosque). We used uber the whole trip so I won’t have any commuting tips =P

The Putra Mosque is soooooo BIG! It’s so beautiful. It’s hard not to take photos of it. Before you enter the grounds, since it’s a sacred place, you have to put on the red robes. It was so hot. You should expect to sweat a lot because the robes were big. You have to put the hood all the time, the guards will tell you to put the hood on your head just in case it falls down.

The Red Hood
All Pink

From Putrajaya, we went to the Royal Palace Museum. Our uber driver was so nice, he offered to drive us around the whole day. The Royal Palace Museum is the previous home of the royal family. You have to walk uphill to get to the museum itself. You’re not allowed to take photos inside but we were able to take some photos with the approval of the guards. You will be able to see the rooms of the royal family. The bedrooms are so pretty. The museum is small so you can easily roam around and finish in 30 mins.

Photo before the actual photo 😛
I think this is the throne room

Our next stop is Lake Garden. We don’t really have a nice park in Manila that you can visit and chill so I really wished we had one like this while roaming around. It reminded me of the Botanical Gardens in Sydney but a smaller version. It suddenly rained so we had to cut the trip short.

Sunken garden
Main Lake

After Lake Garden, we went to Chinatown to eat. We just ate at the foodcourt, it’s like a hawker in SG. It was still raining and we were so tired so we decided to rest first at my friend’s place.

When it was already nighttime, we went to the Petronas Towers. We wanted to go to the view deck but you have to book at least a day before your planned visit because there are limited slots. Book ahead! Not all is lost though because once you go outside and you see the Petronas Towers, you will be blown away. It’s my 2nd time in Malaysia but the Petronas never fails to amaze me! I love the Petronas Towers! I think we spent almost an hour just taking photos with it.

Mandatory photo
Taken by a fellow pinoy 🙂

Because we were so tired the whole day, we just ate dinner after and went straight home.

Day 2

It’s our last day in Malaysia. Wow! Haha! Time flies when you’re having fun =P Our itinerary for the day is Batu Caves and Melaka/Malacca.

We got an uber again to go to Batu Caves. I think it’s an hour drive from KL. I’ve been to Batu Caves before and I was hesitating to go up because of the monkeys. I know they’re used to seeing people but the first time we went there, my brother was holding a drink and the monkey kept following us (Tip: Don’t bring any food). You’re not allowed to wear shorts or mini-skirts if you’re going up. You have to rent a sarong before they allow you.

There were a lot of people when we went there

Melaka is 1 ½ – 2 hrs away from Batu Caves. Our schedule was very tight because my friend’s flight from SG is 8 or 9pm that day. The nice uber driver from yesterday agreed to drive us. We went to the observatory first to get a view of the whole Melaka.

From the observatory

After that, we went to Jonker Street. I think this is the main street of Melaka where you can see shops and cafes around. We spent 2 hours just walking through this street. Because we spent so much time looking around, we didn’t get the chance to visit other places in Melaka. I would love to go back! There’s something different about it. I feel like there’s so much culture at that place and there a lot more places to explore. Sadly, we had to go back to KL because my friends might miss their flight to SG.

View from the bridge at the other end of Jonker St.
I’ll go back Melaka!

Our flight is 12 midnight that day as well so once we went back to my friend’s place, we just ate dinner, packed our things and went straight to the airport.

This weekend was very spontaneous but I really had a lot of fun. It’s different when you travel with your friends. Even if I have been to Malaysia before, I was still able to do things that I haven’t done the first time I visited.

Can’t wait to share more of my travel stories.

If you have questions regarding this trip, feel free to coment below or send me a message on instagram –@wanderjasmine. I would love to answer them! 🙂

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