Coldplay Singapore: A Dream Come True

It’s already 2 months after Coldplay Singapore but it feels like it just happened a few days ago. I decided to write something about my experience so I can relive the feeling I had on those unforgettable moments 🙂

I have never went abroad to watch a concert live so this experience is really memorable for me. Why did I end up in Singapore when I could have watched in Manila? I wasn’t able to buy tickets, oh I can still remember the struggle. I was already on the verge of giving up when one of my friends told me she had extra tickets for SG. Yesssss!!! I did not have second thoughts because watching Coldplay is one of my concert bucket lists.

Fast forward to April 1, 2017… FINALLY!!

We arrived at the National Stadium around 1:30 pm. We were early because we’re still going to eat lunch before lining up plus the excitement! It’s hard to sleep the day before because of all the videos from Day 1.


Around 3pm we were already in line and lo and behold, the line was already very long. We actually prepared for the long wait, we had bottles of water, junk food, max’s caramel bar and chocolates. We also brought raincoats because prior to going to SG the weather forecast said it was going to rain. It was raining the whole day and the floor was wet so thanks to our raincoats, we had something to sit on! 😀

After 3 hours…

The staff had to squeeze a lot of people in because it was raining so hard and people are getting drenched. There were A LOT of Filipinos there. We were joking that it’s Coldplay Manila because there were 3 or 4 groups of Pinoys behind us. People were starting to get agitated because it was so crowded. It’s an organized chaos. The guards were really strict guarding the line, telling people to not loiter around the queue. When the doors opened, everyone shouted. I can still remember the excitement! Everyone was excited and running towards the gates. To our horror, a lot of people actually found their way to skip the queue. Grrrrr! When the staff noticed, they immediately put guards around. Too late though, a lot of people were able to get in before us that were not in line.

After we entered the stadium and got our love pins and xylobands, we immediately ran to the restroom because there are four hours of standing ahead of us. We were running down to the Standing Pen A section to look for a spot. We chose the nearest to the stage because our goal is to see Chris Martin up close!! By the way, the National Stadium is HUGE. I don’t know if it’s as big as the Philippine Arena but if it is, I hope we can be able to utilize it more. The venue is amazing, I wish we had one in Manila.

Jess Kent, the opening act, started the show at 7pm. I’m not sure how many songs she sang but it was a good 30 minutes. She’s actually a good singer and opening a Coldplay concert will really be a good exposure for her.

It was almost 8pm and you can feel the excitement building around the arena. Everyone is doing the wave and it was one of the most legit waves I’ve seen. Almost everyone really joined in considering how big the stadium is.  It was beautiful!! And then people started singing the hymn in Viva La Vida and it was amazing. The concert hasn’t even started yet.

And then the lights dimmed and the intro started.. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! I AM STILL GETTING EXCITED JUST THINKING ABOUT IT!!

Here are some photos 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were lucky we got a spot near the stage. The long wait was WORTH IT and so much more. I was jumping, screaming, singing, teary eyed at some point and sweating so much but I was having so much fun! Coldplay is different live, they have so much energy, you can feel their passion, their heart while performing. I can’t even take a decent video because I wanted to be in the moment. They left a mark on my heart that night.

My favorite part was probably Everglow and Up and Up. I didn’t expect those songs to touch me the way they did that night. I felt like it was just me and Coldplay. Everything around me disappeared and I was just listening to the music, I didn’t want that moment to end. It was so magical, I can’t even put it into words.


Artboard 1Jasmine


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